About Us

43 High Street, Much Wenlock
43 High Street, Much Wenlock, home of Ellingham Press

Ellingham Press is a small family-run business set up in 2004.

INA TAYLOR has more than thirty years' writing experience to her name beginning in 1980 with the publication of the best-selling biography The Edwardian Lady: the story of Edith Holden which went to number 1 in the UK book charts. She has continued to write biographies along with educational textbooks and local history, and now has more than thirty published titles. Ina has held two Arts Council posts as Writer-in-Residence, first with Shropshire Libraries (1983-4) and later with Shropshire Social Services (1990-1). She has led many writers' workshops, appeared at the Birmingham Readers and Writers Festival discussing biography writing with Melvyn Bragg, and talked about her biography of George Eliot at the Hay-on-Wye Festival. Ina brings many years' experience of writing to assist authors working with Ellingham Press.

HEIDI ROBBINS has been an editor since 2000 and has worked with numerous publishing companies including Sheffield Academic Press, Continuum, Equinox, Berg and the Council for British Archaeology. She is the managing editor of the Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology, Gender and Language, Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice and Communication and Medicine, as well as undertaking freelance editorial work. Heidi also uses her experience of editing and book production to advise Ellingham Press authors.

Philip Humphrey and Ellingham Press at the Book Launch of A Century of Colt Hill
Heidi Robbins, author Philip Humphrey and Ina Taylor at the launch of A Century of Colt Hill