Charley Darwin's Shrewsbury

Charley Darwin
Charley Darwin's Shrewsbury by Shelagh McNab, illustrated by Hazel McNab

Emma and her little dog Lexi agree to go on a treasure hunt around Shrewsbury with Charley, a little boy they have just met at the Quarry. At the end of the treasure hunt Emma is surprised by what Charley has found, but she is even more surprised when she discovers who Charley is.

ISBN 978-0-9930073-0-9 4.99 22pp publication Oct 2014

Hazel McNab with Lexi
Illustrator Hazel McNab with Lexi

Shelagh, Maggie and Hazel
Author Shelagh McNab and illustrator Hazel McNab at the launch of the book at Shrewsbury Museum's Big Draw event

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Hazel McNab and Lexi
Illustrator Hazel McNab signing books with Lexi at Waterstones in Shrewsbury