Fordhall Farm

The Fight for Fordhall Farm
The Fight for Fordhall Farm

The Fight for Fordhall Farm is the astonishing story of a young brother and sister's struggle to escape eviction from their family home of 700 years and save their livelihood. Fordhall Farm was once a thriving organic farm, run by pioneering farmer, Arthur Hollins. But threatened by competition from multi-national companies and under pressure from local land developers, the farm began to suffer. It seemed set to be yet another sad tale of the decline of family farming in Britain. The future looked bleak, and even more so after Arthur's death in 2005.

But no one had reckoned with the grit and courage of his two young children, Ben and Charlotte. Faced with their landlord's notice of eviction, they refused to give in without a fight and set about raising 800,000 to buy the farm. Undaunted by their youth and inexperience, they launched a nationwide appeal and established a ground-breaking and hugely popular community-ownership scheme. Today over 8000 people own a stake in Fordhall, with supporters including Prince Charles, Sting, Prunella Scales and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

In The Fight for Fordhall Farm Ben and Charlotte tell their inspirational story of hope and survival, and give an insight into the life of modern farmers. Join them on the farm as they relive their race against time to save their home and start working towards a brighter future for Fordhall Farm.

ISBN 978-0-9926031-4-4 publication November 2013 8.99 352pp

Ellingham Press has also published Arthur Hollins' remarkable and inspiring story of developing organic farming at Fordhall Farm, The Farmer, the Plough and the Devil.