Thoroughly with Enthusiasm: The Life of Sir Peter Gadsden

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Thoroughly with Enthusiasm: The Life of Sir Peter Gadsden By Ina Taylor with foreword by the Rt Hon Lord Carrington
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The Life of Sir Peter Gadsden

'Surely one man didn't do all that! There must be at least a set of twins,'was what one person said when they heard about Sir Peter Gadsden's professional life. And they only knew a part of his story. The achievements of this talented man, with one of the longest entries in Who's Who, are remarkable. Most people would be proud if they succeeded in just one of his many areas of expertise.

Friends, colleagues and relatives are spread around the world, but most only know one aspect of Peter's life. Some know 'Trader Gadsden', the globe-trotting trader and world expert in mineral sands, who did business in Mao Tse-Tung's China, went behind the Iron Curtain, was appointed by the UN to investigate mineral sands in Egypt and rode out to African mines astride a mule. For others the country associated with Peter is Australia because he travelled down under regularly for his Australian employers. Indeed so well-known was he there that the British government considered him the obvious choice to organise the Britain-Australia Bicentennial Committee to celebrate the first European settlement in Australia. In recognition of the success of Britain's contribution in 1988, Peter was made a companion, Order of Australia (AC).

To some people Peter is 'Mr City', the familiar face in Guildhall, member of seven livery companies, a past Master of the Clothworkers and a Founder Master of the Engineers. Peter has been a frequent visitor to Lake Havasu City in Arizona, which has London Bridge as its centrepiece, and was for many years chairman of the City of London Arizona Corporation. Peter has been Sheriff of London and a Senior Alderman, but without doubt the pinnacle of his civic career was his year as Lord Mayor of London in 1979/80.

Friends and colleagues in Shropshire, Northumberland and Sussex may have heard snippets about Peter's civic life, but they know him best as a hard-working supporter of many local and national charities as well as a most hospitable host.

Few realise how international Peter's life has been. This quintessentially English gentleman was born in Canada, has many Commonwealth links thorough his father and has American relatives through his wife. Lady Gadsden (nee Haggerston) was born in Bermuda of English and American parents. The Haggerston baronetcy was created in 1642 and belongs to one of the oldest Catholic families in England.

Peter has been asked many times to write his biography, but has never stopped long enough to do so. Now in conjunction with professional biographer, Ina Taylor, he has finally agreed to describe his extraordinary life. What unfolds is a lively tale with many amusing and hitherto untold stories of business and the City. However, what underpins Sir Peter Gadsden's amazing achievements is that everything has been carried out 'Thoroughly with Enthusiasm'as his coat of arms demands.


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