Fran Norton - In the Shadow of a Tainted Crown

Cover of In the Shadow of a Tainted Crown by Fran Norton

Roger Mortimer stepped onto the pages of history as Queen Isabella's paramour rising from Marcher baron to first Earl of March. Researching this turbulent period prompted author, Fran Norton, to pen this tale of love, loyalty, courage and vengeance. Much of the action is set against the backdrop of Ludlow, the Marcher capital, at a time when England was continually at war in Wales, Scotland and France.

Fact is woven into fiction to highlight the enthralling events that took place during the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries. When Edward I was crowned he was hailed as the second King Arthur and the Age of Chivalry and Honour dawned. All too quickly his continual pursuit of lands and wealth plunged the nation into wars. Heavy taxes and levies brought poverty and unrest.

Author Fran Norton reads her book at Ludlow Castle
Author Fran Norton reads
her book at Ludlow Castle.
Gareth B Thomas FRPS.

By the time of his death, Edward I's once golden reputation was tainted. The crown passed to his son, Edward II, whose own weaknesses added to the Plantagenet's fall from grace. In an age when England needed a strong king, Edward II was a woeful failure. Power-hungry men seeking wealth and status took the nation to the brink of civil war. Bannockburn, one of the most famous battles in history, was fought by an English king who had no heart for war. The events througout this turbulent period changed lives forever.

ISBN 978-0-9563079-2-7 9.99 pub August 2010

'This romantic story brings alive many questions about the emotions and thoughts of individuals who lived in the often turbulent medival period.'

John Grove, Chairman, Mortimer History Society