Peter Templeton Neale - The Olympian

Cover of The Olympian by Peter Templeton Neale

Imagine discovering your dad runs a time travel tourist agency!

Joey Anthrobus is 13 and a great athlete. The only problem is he can?t win races anymore because his life is in turmoil. His dad has been away for ages and now his mum is threatening to leave home. With his best mate, Martin, Joey sets out to find his dad on ?The Olympian? time travel tour through Olympic history via Wenlock and the Cotswolds to Ancient Greece, and gets horribly lost on the way back.

In this captivating adventure Joey tries to reunite his family while saving the future of mankind, discovering America and attempting to catch international time thieves whilst narrowly avoiding being eaten, arrested, squashed, run over, lost or drowned.

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Pub date September 2010 7.50 ISBN 978-0-9563079-4-1

"It's a great pleasure to work with Ellingham Press. They're a family of book lovers who, between them, possess the full range of skills and experience required to ensure a quality product every time.

They have an eye for detail, a sense of adventure, and a genuine care for their customers. I hope to approach Ellingham Press again when my second children's novel The Inky Bird is ready for publication."

Peter Neale, author of The Olympian