Our Boys on the close

Our Boys on the Close
Our Boys on the Close by Margaret Quinn

Eleven-year-olds Barry Jones and Bob Jeffries gather their local friends and neighbours together to form a football team of their very own. The first book, Horses Field United, and its sequel, Our Boys on the Close, bring together a group of boys, their families and friends, in many different ways which mould the youngsters into a team to be reckoned with.

Their story, which encompasses the months from April to December, includes aspects of the family life of several of the boys as well as various soccer matches and connected events. What is also shown is the increasing interest of parents and friends, whose help and advice is invaluable to the boys.

A children's story about a boys football club suitable for age 8-12 years.

ISBN 978-0-9926031-7-5 6.99 198pp publication December 2013