Marion Brettle - Stourbridge Girls High School

Stourbridge Girls School

Drawing on original photographs, archival material and the memories of staff and girls, Marion Brettle provides a fascinating portrait of life in an all-girls school between 1905 and 1976, when comprehensive education came in. Stourbridge Girls' High School had its own traditions, rules and regulations, rewards and punishments (some of which might seem bizarre, even cruel, today).

Humiliation often went alongside discipline and the punishment invariably fitted the crime.

This is not just a history of a school from birth to death, but also a story - of girls gone by. Their lives were moulded, for better or worse, by their experience of this unique school which remains an integral part of Stourbridge and its history.

ISBN 9780956307972

Price 14.99

Publication September 2011 228pp