Margaret Quinn - Take Back the Years

Cover of Take Back the Years by Margaret Quinn

Take Back the Years by Margaret Quinn ISBN 978-0-9547560-5-5 12 PB 372pp pub 2007

Johanna was just fifteen years in the summer of 1939 and the onset of the Second World War, when she was thrust into a life of change and turmoil, suffering initially the upheaval of evacuation, and later the true horror of war in London.

Spanning almost eighteen years we are taken through the war years with authenticity. The story encompasses a tender love story, whilst also exploring the division between the devastation in London and the relative tranquillity and beauty of rural England.

There is fear, loss, bereavement and the magic of awakening love. The story is rich in tenderness and spicy Cornish humour, as we watch Jo develop into a caring, conscientious young woman who learns to live with rejection in her search for true happiness and fulfilment. Tragic consequences bring about a dramatic climax as the reader finally comes to realise their true significance.

Full of period detail and evocative story-telling, the author captures beautifully the atmosphere of the time.

Margaret Quinn, Author of Take Back the Years
Margaret Quinn
Author of Take Back the Years